Sebecca X Rarah

This is my beautiful friend Rebecca Kim. My favorite things to do with her include eating three-course desserts together in different parts of the world, running into her by accident in different parts of the world, and hanging out with her in secret for the sake of social politics, but only in New York. She prefers lychee ice cream over ginger ice cream because the flavor isn’t as extreme. But she will consider the corn ice cream if she must. She is coincidentally the best. And when she wants something, she will make things happen.¬†

This is a response to a customer service email she recently sent to Schweppes Inc. (because she is the best) complaining¬†about how they don’t supply Schweppes Agrum in the U.S. She then proceeded to explain how she and her friends had been huge fans of the soda while in Paris and that there was indeed a loyal market for the product in her country as well. She is currently planning on directly contacting Marketing.

Thank you for a glorious day. I cannot wait to spoil you with other people’s credit cards.