Whas good Dirty Q.

Can we please talk about how my unborn children are already in line to ask you to be their godmother? I could go on to talking about how many years we’ve known each other or my favorite Halloween story, but you are the only person that appreciates sappy Tumblr posts (among other things) like I do and I definitely think I deserve to exploit that. It’s the stupidest thing ever when our old friends are surprised to see that we stuck to each other for this long cause you are, by far, the easiest person to love and besides that one time Brian Kanagi liked you instead of me, it has been effortless. You are solid adorable, inside and out, and many would debate that time stops sometimes when you smile. You are so good at making (my) life exciting and if we were a lesbian couple, you would always get to tell the story of how we met—not like us not being lesbians has ever stopped us. Here is an abridged list of things I like about you: your punctuality, your car, your ability to make my life easier, your British accent, your kitchen, your dog, your family, your hair, your nail polish collection, your LV purse that you always let me borrow, your generosity (like paying for the random car behind us at the McDonalds drive thru), your compassion (telling me the good qualities of my worst enemies and why I should be their friend anyways), your humor (how you love to remind me that had we met today instead of in the fifth grade, you probably wouldn’t have chosen to be my friend), your friends, your very public love for songs and movies that are usually frowned upon, your similar passion for Harry Potter, Criminal Minds, Taylor Swift, Alex, song covers, dreams, horoscopes, Target, Halloween, Christina Aguilera choreography, “projects”, JaRule, French, etc., etc. But most importantly, thank you for remembering things everyone else has long forgot about. Only you understand the torture that comes with having an elephant’s memory. I love you more than I love my mustache. 

Happy birthday to the leading lady of so many people’s lives. I’m so lucky I get to play the best friend. 

Forever and always,